Former HBCU Football Star Michael Strahan In Esquire Interview Talks Football And Fashion

Michael Strahan, who played defensive end at Texas Southern University and was so dominant he drew double teams, spoke with Esquire magazine about football, Super Bowl 51, and how he tackles fashion. Some highlights of the interview are below.

If he had a typical athlete style when he was coming up, then get turned onto better fashion at some point:

“I think when you come into the league you look at your peers. I can’t say most of them come in with a ton of style. Back then it was the early, mid 90s, so it was purple, orange, yellow, green suits. I mean, it was horrible. But you learn from your mistakes. I look back now at some of the choices I made and think, ‘What were you thinking?’ But because of that it helps me develop my style now. I know that I want to wear something where if I look back 5, 10, 20 years from now, it won’t be embarrassing. Something classic. And being in the locker room where guys will clown you, it definitely got me more into it.”

If he ever got to the point where he felt like he figured out TV?

“I’m still figuring it out. Everything I’ve done has been so different. The news side is so different than everything I’ve done before. After football, it took me a few months until I realized I wasn’t a player anymore and this is my new career. But before that I was scared to death to say a word. I didn’t know if what I was saying made sense, because I had all these thoughts, and the hardest thing is to be able to express them and get them out. I wasn’t sure if I was doing that well.

Each season I’ve gotten better. I still get nervous, but it’s a lot less, and I’m much more comfortable in the skin that I’m in. When it came to doing Live!, from day one I felt comfortable doing that. But it still took a lot of practice and paying attention. But, like everything, the more reps you do, the better you get at it.”

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