Child Welfare Conference (Charles A. Smith/University Communications)
L.A. Warren writes at Jackson State Newsroom that the ex-wife of the D.C. sniper John Muhammad, Mildred Muhammad, spoke to Jackson State University social workers on “surviving death threats and abuse by her former husband” at the public historically black university’s 15th Annual Mississippi Child Welfare Institute Conference on Friday.

From Jackson State Newsroom:

The ex-wife of 2002 D.C. sniper John Muhammad, who was executed for killing at least 10 people, thanked a spellbound packed audience of social workers during Jackson State University’s 15th Annual Mississippi Child Welfare Institute Conference “for taking the time to learn everything you need in order to help us survive.”

Mildred Muhammad was the keynote speaker at the event sponsored by the School of Social Work in the College of Public Service in the downtown Marriott on Friday, Feb. 10. She told the professionals, “A lot of us may not get the chance to come back and tell you what you’ve done or to tell you how much your words and actions have encouraged us to move forward.”

She described how she survived after persistent threats against her life by ex-husband John. Before he was killed, John had warned that he could “take a small city, terrorize it and they would think it would be a group of people, and it would only be me.”

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