Report: Historically Black Colleges Are ‘Engines’ Of Economic Mobility

A new report revealed that historically black colleges help in terms of vaulting lowest-income kids into the top quintile as adults but these institutions have a lower than average graduation rate than non-HBCUs, and their students have higher than average debt levels than students at predominantly white institutions. 

From News One:

A new report suggests that Historically Black Colleges and Universities contribute to the upward mobility of their students from low-income families, the Brookings Institution reports.

Researchers at the Equal Opportunity Project released new administrative data and an analysis, which show that HBCUs “actually have a better track record at fostering mobility than many thought,” Brookings said.

Many have questioned over the years whether HBCUs are effective at helping to pull their students up the economic ladder. As Brookings, a nonprofit public policy organization, pointed out, the institutions have a lower than average graduation rate, and their students tend to have higher than average student loan debt.

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