20 Arrests After Alcorn State Football Players Campus Brawl

The Claiborne County Police Department made up to 20 arrests earlier last week after a fight that broke out on campus at Alcorn State University.

Claiborne County Sheriff Frank Davis said they’ve been charged with simple assault and malicious mischief. Alcorn students on the scene captured the fight “on several cell phone cameras” and posted the video across social media.

List of Alcorn State football players arrested:

1.  Trae Ferrell

2.  Corvette Gilmore

3.  Leishaun Ealey

4.  Deago Sama

5.  Jalin Thomas

6.  Arron Baker

7.  Marquis Warford

8.  Taurance Wilson

9.  Sterling Shippy

10.  Michael Brooks

11.  Javen Morrison

12.  Daniel Franklin

13.  Ramonte Bell

14.  Jayron Harness

15.  Terry Whittington

16.  Randall Tucker

17.  Silas Spearman

18.  Kwanzi Jackson

19.  Quintin Smith

20. True Gibson

ASU student Gabrielle Hall said the university represents “so much more than what that fight was, and at the end of the day we’re a family, things happen.”

History major at ASU Jami Eubanks agreed:

“It doesn’t affect the school, and it doesn’t affect who we are, because, you know, we have leadership and character and sometimes we all fall short. They’re young kids, they’re growing up, but they’ll learn.”