What are you willing to risk in the name of love? Madeline Whittier is willing to risk everything. “Everything Everything“, is a romantic film based off the novel “Everything, Everything” written by Nicola Yoon. The film follows the life of Madeline Whittier or Maddy (played by Amandla Stenberg), a teenager unable to leave home due to a severe immune deficiency. However, circumstances change once Maddy falls for the boy next door.

Stella Meghie, Director of “Everything, Everything” spoke with HBCU Buzz about what she felt was most important to capture while directing the film;

“I wanted to visually capture what it is like to be a teenager in love.”

Throughout the trailer, you can see some of the butterfly-like feelings between the character Maddy and Olly (played by Nick Robinson).

Amandla, best known for her activism and role in the Hunger Games, told HBCU Buzz what she admires the most about her character, “I admire Maddy for her naïveté, because she hasn’t been disenchanted by her experiences. She hasn’t experienced the world and yet she is so filled with joy and light despite of.”

Florida A&M University alumni and stellar actress Anika Noni Rose plays Dr. Whittier, Maddy’s mother as well as dedicated caretaker. Ms. Rose’s character is a shining example of a strong woman of color, who fearlessly protects and provides for her family. When asked what advice she could give to HBCU college students seeking to become actors/actress she says, “Continue to educate yourself. As an actor, I have lived more lives through reading rather than traveling, so i would advise reading as must as possible. Reading is necessary and fundamental in so many different ways. If you want to be the best, you must take the time to educate yourself about the craft. It will only make you better.”

It is Stella Meghie’s hope that the messaging of the film will resonate with audiences across the nation, she explains “I hope that people will take away a true feeling and understanding of love and I hope that people will test their limits and truly go after what they want in this life.”

“Everything, Everything” hits theaters May 19, 2017. Be sure to grab a ticket and get ready to see a beautiful love story full of some of the riskiest decisions one could make in the name of love.

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