Morehouse Names Interim Prez, Hails Beginning Of A New Era For School

    Morehouse College has officially replaced its president and board chairman effective, immediately. On Friday, the historically black college released a press statement detailing the new changes in leadership.

    Dr. John S. Wilson, Morehouse class of 1979, who has been president since January 2013, will end his tenure as president today. William Taggart, the current chief operation officer at Morehouse, will serve as the interim president.

    Morehouse Man, Robert Davidson will also conclude his role as board chairman of the Board of Trustees, on June 30th, 2017.

    Chairman Davidson made the decision to step down voluntarily with the interest of helping Morehouse reach new heights. Willie Woods, co-founder of a New York-based finance company, will assume the role as the new board chair.

    This transition at Morehouse was made after much turmoil at the college. It was in January when the news broke that the board would not renew Dr. Wilson’s contract as the president.

    Following the announcement was when news broke that the board of trustees at Morehouse decided to make this decision. It seems that the ambiguous storm at Morehouse has finally passed over. With Morehouse gaining new leadership, Morehouse has officially entered a new era.