Rosario Dawson uses her own personal experiences with domestic violence to give advice to college students at the “Unforgettable” movie press junket. 

The media event was held at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday, April 9th where cast members Geoff Stults and Katherine Heigl also participated.

As the movie focuses on a love triangle with a crazy ex-wife played by Heigl, it also shines light on the ongoing issues of domestic violence in the US. A recent report conducted by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence showed that 21% of women are experiencing abuse from current partners and 32% of women have experienced abuse from previous partners.

“The statistic is that a billion women on this planet will be raped, killed or beaten in this lifetime and that’s just horrifying,” said Dawson. “We are the majority sex on this planet and that’s not the way it should be.”

In the film, Dawson’s character Julia Banks sought help and found love but she still held on to the insecurity around it which is something that Dawson believes we all have to let go of.

“Women aren’t raping themselves and there’s no reason why they should be ashamed of the abuse that’s happening to them.”

Dawson also made headlines last week after tweeting about Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad where she said it’s sadly missing the point.

She told us that she understands how her tweet could have came off mean and aggressive but “it is sad,” she said.

“Their heart was in the right place seemingly but the opportunity that was missed was profound.”

Heigl almost played her role of the crazy Tessa Connover too well. When asked if there were any challenges of playing her character, she explained that it was refreshing.

“It was freeing and fun because you’re not worried about other people’s feelings, needs or their agenda,” said Heigl. “I sort of move through life trying to take care of everyone else and everyone else’s needs but I’ll have those moments like enough of all of you, it’s got to be about me at some point.”

“Unforgettable,” will be in theaters everywhere on April 21st. For more information on the film check out