There are tons of YouTube videos that show common topics like what you should bring or how to eat healthy while in college. However, the scope of advice needed for college, especially HBCUs is much wider.  Kiara Nelson, a  TV/Film student at Howard University and Alexis Whidbee, a Psychology Student at North Carolina A&T both have YouTube channels where they shed light on a wide range of HBCU Topics. Below are some of the most helpful (and funny) videos I’ve watched on their channels that I wish I had my freshman year. By the end of these you’ll be able to figure out what songs to learn before coming to an HBCU, as well as the Dos and Don’ts.  Be sure to follow them and stay updated on their vlogs and other fun/informative videos!

Handle Sadness in College: 

Songs to Know Before You Attend an HBCU:

Terms to Know Before You Get to Howard:



How to Dress @ Your HBCU:

Manage Natural Hair in College:


Hacks for Free Textbooks

*DOs and DON’Ts at HBCUs: 

*College Must Haves/Essentials:

*Organization Tips for College Students: 

For an inside look at life at Howard and NCAT head over to their channels and check out some vlogs!