Allstate and The Tom Joyner Foundation have teamed up to support historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in Allstate’s Quotes for Education (QFE) program. From August 1 through November 30, for every quote made at, Allstate will donate $10 to HBCUs. It is that simple!

For the past 9 years, Allstate’s Quotes for Education program has raised over $1.6 million for HBCUs as a result of its enduring commitment to HBCUs. The funds raised will benefit HBCUs with endowments, scholarships, and building enhancements.

This year’s QFE theme is “Ever Rising.”

“Ever Rising” showcases the contribution that HBCUs have had on our nation through compelling statistics and actual HBCU alumni and students.

HBCUs have produced 50% of the  country’s black lawyers, 40% black members of Congress,  80% of black judges, 42% of black agricultural science majors, 21% of black business and management majors, and this legacy is ours to protect. With a goal of $100,000 for its 2017 campaign, we are excited to unite with their team to support black colleges across the nation and ensure this goal is met.

“As an alumna of a HBCU, I feel compelled to protect its future. Clicking a link and spending like 3 minutes of my time to get quoted is so worth protecting the legacy of my beloved alma mater. Seriously, it is the least I can do,” says proud graduate, Imani J.

Did you know that this year’s goal could potentially pay for the cost of all the textbooks 166 students need this year or even fund the cost of in-state tuition for 10 students? It could sponsor the cost of 106 classes for HBCU students and buy dorm essentials for 119 students.

Our HBCUs need us, and we need you to visit to get your quote today.

#QuotesforEducation – Rise up and show your support of HBCUs