Mental health and mental illness are usually seen as negative and embarrassing, especially within the black community. Charlotte, NC native, Jewel Ham, is a sophomore painting major at Howard University that is using her new clothing line to challenge this stigma. Her latest shirt collection is called MADDER (M.ania,  A.nxiety, D.issociation). Each design is made to reclaim the power that is often stripped from the lives of those with mental illnesses.

Jewel says that the inspiration from the line actually came from her dealing with varying degrees of these illnesses in her own life. She realized that how she faced her illness was ultimately her choice, and her decision was to push through.

“I noticed that mental illnesses are often considered weaknesses, but it isnt true. it’s a strength, a power.”

How to Order! 

To order, just find Jewel on social media! @whateverjewel on twitter and instagram (dm, text, email) She takes venmo, cashapp, and paypal!