The job market is forever changing. Controlled by a variety of factors the shape of the job market is susceptible to dramatic changes whether positive or negative. Over the past 20 years, one of the biggest developments and introduction is technology innovation. Not only has this allowed for increasing productivity it has also led to an ever-growing digital and creative workplace. One of the main questions to ask as a result is; how has technology helped shape the job market and when is it going too far?

How has technology affects the job hunt?

The way job hunters look for jobs is shifting. Gone are the days where you write a CV and post it off to prospective companies. With the introduction of the internet and apps, job hunting is more accessible than ever. Whether you’re recently out of school or college or you’re looking to change careers there’s a website which can help. Some of the most known job search sites on the internet include The Guardian Jobs, Indeed and Reed. With the use of algorithms, these sites are able to list open opportunities which individuals are looking for when inputting a criteria list.

Technology within different industries

Depending on the industry individuals will have a different view on the consequences of technology within. New gadgets and apps have caused many forms of entertainment to almost disappear. Let’s take movie rentals as an example. Gone is the time where you visits your local movie rental company such as Blockbusters to hire a copy of the latest DVD. Replaced by online streaming services like Amazon or Netflix now users are able to watch and catch up on the latest episodes of shows on the go.

Other industries which have struggled to compete include the music, betting industry and literature. The way we listen and purchase music has changed. Organisations have struggled to catch up with consumer demand which has led to unprecedented amounts of illegal piracy and downloading. Companies such as Apple Itunes and Spotify have allowed users to purchase copies of latest albums and listen to new music. One thing is for sure, the compact disc is soon becoming a thing of the past. On the other hand, this has led to a rising amount of prospects for creative individuals. Online sites such as YouTube offer individuals a platform to showcase their skills, build a following and interact with their fans. Often users have the ability to create their own brand and enterprise on these without the need to sign contracts with corporate companies – leading to these individuals having the ability to earn a substantial income.

Another Industry which is moving online is the betting and casino industry. Over the past five years, there has been a decline of betting establishments on our high streets. The overwhelming reason for this is due to the product offering online gambling sites a mixture of casino, sports and poke all under one roof. Not only do these provide for stricter regulations and rules they also provide a wide range of game to play and practise on. Online betting industries are allowing for content creation and more than ever video production. As a result of new technology innovations, you can now watch and play a part in live-streams of casinos games. For presenters looking to get their name out there, the online betting organisations provide the perfect platform to build a showreel which shows off your skills of interacting with online players.

A look to the future

The demand for computer-based jobs is growing at rapid pace. As a result, more than ever colleges and universities are changing the syllabus to provide individuals with the skills they would need to succeed in the modern era. Sitting in front of a computer screen is a prospect many have come to expect, in fact, The Smart Cities information and communications technology (ICT) sector was valued at more than $300 billion last year and is growing in double digits.

Industries that have seen substantial growth over the past year include Healthcare, Software developers, Support technicians and system analysts. Another sector which is seeing growth at a rapid pace is social media. All organisations have recognised the need to be on social platforms to build awareness of projects and market their companies. Corporations are hiring more individuals than ever to manage social marketing activity.

One thing is for sure, the job sector is changing. We are now seeing technology take a prevalent role in most industries worldwide. This is only expected to grow with the introduction of VR and Robots taking over from production lines. New developments are being produced constantly – what industry leaders need to evaluate is to how to integrate these into the market in a way which has a positive effect on global corporations.



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