The visit at the Orlando Science Center (OSC) was one of the highlights for our family during the winter school break. A great period for family time, learning, participation in activities that were fun, educational and creating “ah ha” moments. There were many instances that highlighted the day included those below.

1. The interactive play areas at OSC are fun and educational.

They have the family involved and engaged.

2. OSC embraces the STEAM educational initiative that 21st century careers demand.

3. OSC embraces the diversity of cultures visiting the center with a welcoming atmosphere.

4. The presenters of the programs are knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining.

5. The building and infrastructure is inviting and sensory stimulating.

The visuals are colorful.

6. Families are welcomed and assisted by the staff.

7. There are opportunities for children to be involved in multiple activities that require different skills.

8. Children with disabilities are welcomed and supported.

9. The facility is clean and well maintained.

10. Families with autistic or special needs will find activities that are hands on and stimulate, but not overly excite the senses.

I (Aida) would like to add a few additional points to this list that, as a mom, I noticed.

11. The OSC has something for everyone in the family.

As William mentioned above, we had as much fun as the kids did. What he didn’t mention, however is that one of the kids is 9 and the other is in college yet, they both enjoyed themselves. There is even a section of the museum set-up exclusively for children 7 and under. Knowing that there is something for everyone can be a stress reliever when trying to find something to do with the whole family.

12. Along the lines of “something for everyone,” the exhibits varied.

There were dinosaurs in one exhibit, complete with animations and a fossil dig in one area and a complete gingerbread village in another area, which I thought was wonderful. Also, while everyone else was enjoying the show on space, my little one was having a go at being a weather forecaster – so no one was “bored.”

13. The exhibits change.

While we were there we noticed some areas blocked off in preparation of new exhibits, which made us decide that we need to come again and check them out.

14. There’s plenty of interaction.

As William mentioned above, there are plenty of interactive activities throughout the entire museum. We cut out paper snowflakes, jumped in the hurricane simulator, “dug” for fossils and so much more.

15. Location and practicality.

Firstly the OSC is conveniently located and offers plenty of parking. We also noticed that in same location as the OSC, there are other centers and museums we can check out during future visits. As for practicality, there is a cafeteria located on the ground floor of the museum and there are plenty of restrooms.

16. The cost is reasonable.

While the regular cost is fairly reasonable, check out their website for additional discounts you may be eligible for.

Activities from the hurricane simulator, to the dinosaur discovery, to the high tech presentation about our solar system provide unique learning. There is evidence of STEM, STEAM and even STREAM learning. Aida and I (well past our teen years) had a wonderful experience, not just watching our girls, but participating with them as well. Family time is about enjoying the experience together and building lasting memories.

The OSC employs traditional and hands on activities that allow for touching (tactile) stimulation, video and auditory presentations. Visual acuity and auditory sensory experiences are not overwhelmed. The VR or virtual reality provides a full range of learning. Parents take the time to schedule family time and arrive early enough to have children participate in a rich learning environment. There is plenty to do see, hear, learn and experience.

Orlando Science Center –

This story was written by William Jackson and Aida Correa.