Here’s Steve Brown, just being him. Father. Husband. Philanthropist and future billionaire. He’s also a proud alumnus of Stillman College. “Oh yeah, and I’m a humorist as well,” wrote Brown on Instagram.

And here’s the black college alum “doing a set at the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina when a guy in the audience jumped onstage and just went insane, first trying to viciously strike Steve with the mic stand and then a stool,” reported

According to, “Steve ducked out of the way and, a good 30 seconds into the attack, a few people at the club had the presence of mind to subdue the guy, who was taken outside but then came back.”

Yikes. The disgruntled “fan” seemed to be gunning to kill him, according to But it definitely didn’t make Steve angry. If anything, it seems astonishing to him. How this fan can deny himself a good time especially at Steve’s set at the Comedy House is just crazy talk.

The good thing is Steve escaped unharmed, but he’s been saying everywhere the club needs to be held accountable for the lack of security that night.

People were like “WHO’S MAN’S IS THIS?!??!”

“Where’s the security? Why did he stay on stage? Why is no one helping? What was the joke that set him off? Was there a refund? Did the show go on? WHO’S MAN’S IS THIS?!??!” wrote one Instagram user.