Where is the lie? Because this is a serious matter.

Why should all black college students and in particular HBCU students join together to boycott Sallie Mae, a student loan company investing in the future of the nation’s students, developing programs to help families and students save, plan, and pay for college? Allegedly. There are definitely too many to list here. But here are a couple reasons why we should all join the fight in solidarity against Sallie Mae.

  • You might look back on your time (and money) spent on college like, “man, why exactly did I give this attention?” “I ask now that you stand with me and boycott Sallie Mallie,” Instagram comedian Lala shared on a video, “for debt collection and messing up my credit.” Agreed.
  • The time to act is always now. Period. So boycott Sallie Mae and share this story with your friends and family today. “I was offered a loan of $80,000 to which I completed my degree,” explained Lala. “My friends were offered $80,000 in loans but they were able to pay them off because they actually have a career in their field.” She continued, “I don’t.” Enough said.
  • Don’t waste time early on. Pick a side and take a stand now. “I asked Sallie Mae if there was any way that I can return back my degree,” stated Lala. However, they told her “no” and proclaimed that they don’t operate like that, according to Lala. This is a crime. What happens to one of us happens to all of us and therefore, black college students and HBCU students must fight the power and take back what’s rightfully ours: put some respect on our names. Flat! Watch the entire video below.

What do you think? Should HBCU students boycott Sallie Mae or is this reaching? Let us know and talk about it in the comments section! Just scroll down!