Deeply inspired by the legacy of Central State University’s Invincible Marching Marauders, CSU Drum Major Tylor Roseberry said on Thursday that it takes teamwork to keep that legacy alive.

“Being a student at Central State University is whatever you make it! Some people get here, and leave after a semester/year because they couldn’t find their spot on this campus. I have experienced very few unfortunate moments while attending CSU, but none of which I allowed to push me away from what I really love which is Music and the IMM,” Roseberry said of the black university and their incredible band, recalling her time spent at CSU so far.

“My time spent only as a CSU student isn’t exactly what prepared me for my new role as Drum Major,” she said. “It was my determination in the percussion section of IMM, training, working with the Alumni Drum Majors and the amazing Alumni Band Association. All of those things combined is what prepared me to achieve my goal of becoming a CSU Drum Major.”

“I don’t believe it’s up to me to keep this legacy alive, it takes true teamwork. Between the other 2 Drum Majors, myself, and the rest of leadership, we plan to uphold the standards that were held before us. We will also continue to motivate our fellow bandsmen to be the best that they can be because WE PERFORM WITH PRIDE.”

Roseberry added that she is in fact, the second female Drum Major to leave her footprints in the sand of the Invincible Marching Marauders however, she is not the Head Drum Major of this amazing organization.