Explaining that he was looking for a college that is more progressive and accepting of the LGBTQ community, a student at Howard University told reporters that his parents are having problems with him being gay.

“I’ve come to my mom three times, and there will be a fourth time,” said Justin Calhoun, who is a junior, political science major, according to The Washington Blade. “Each time, my mom has basically lied to herself and been really in denial about it. … After I come out, she always says, ‘I can’t wait till you get a wife and kids.’”

“When my parents found out, we had a long talk, and I eventually admitted I was gay. My parents immediately started crying; my dad walked out of the room and said, ‘That’s some bullshit.’ … Several days after that, there were some prayer sessions, prayer warriors, people coming in the house to pray and lift the corners of the house from the evil spirit that was me.”

Calhoun also added that he is “very loud about being gay at Howard and actually most places I go, except my parents’ home. I just don’t like being quiet about it.”