Howard homecoming is one of the most highly anticipated events of the academic year. The historically black university celebrated its 95th homecoming this past weekend entitled Euphoria.

The celebrity-filled week started off with performances by R&B singers Jhené Aiko and Ari Lennox at the #YoutubeBlack Fan Fest on Tuesday, Oct. 23 and ended with Jay Rock at the homecoming football game against South Carolina State University on Saturday. International Yardfest included Gunna, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Baby, Slick Rick, Agent Sasco and Zoey Dollaz.

Participating in their last homecoming as undergraduates, the class of 2019 made sure to make Euphoria, one for the books.

According to some seniors, homecoming was a disaster their freshman year so this was the week to make up for it.

Due to the extensive rainfall caused by Hurricane Joaquin in 2015, many plans of students and alumni were thwarted. Yardfest was on a two-year hiatus, the Homecoming Parade was cancelled and the extensive rainfall caused by Hurricane Joaquin dampened many students’ and alumni’s plans to enjoy the one of the most talked about homecoming celebrations

Senior Imeriah Page was a host for International Yardfest and made sure her last year was something special. She bought an array of “Howard pop-out” outfits, had a full beat face at every event with the iconic toothbrush and edge control combo.

Imeriah Page, a senior television and film major, poses or a quick photo before retuning to host International Yardfest Friday afternoon.

“It was definitely necessary to make my senior year homecoming one for the books. Hosting Yardfest was surreal. It was big for me but I enjoyed every minute of it.  It felt good to be this care-free person and my true self on a stage in front of people who were vibing with me.”

Page mentioned that students can not rely solely on the events to have a good time. “People want so badly for Howard homecoming to be popping and lit but people don’t understand is that homecoming is what you make it,” she said.

Savannah Miller and Francisco Joseph had similar sentiments. The seniors found their last undergraduate homecoming bittersweet.

“It’ll be exciting to see how this time next year the dynamics have changed from being out with your classmates on a day to day basis to seeing them progress in their different fields. The week was definitely bittersweet but it served as a reminder that we are nearing the finish line and it’s necessary to maximize our time here as students.” said Joseph.

Journalism major Savannah Miller smiles while at the Howard Homecoming Tailgate Saturday afternoon.

“My last homecoming will be remembered as the most genuinely happy experience spent with the people I love at my favorite place during the best time of the year. It’s sad to think that my time at Howard is coming to an end but I am really excited to come back as an alumna,” said Miller.

The class of 2019 has high expectations for next year. They feel as if coming back as alumni will bring a new vibe and a new sense of purpose when they return to their beloved alma mater–even if only for a weekend.

Mathew Lambkin, a strategic, legal and management communications major, at the Howard Homecoming Tailgate Saturday afternoon.

“Homecoming as an alumnus will be more special because we would be able to do more and enjoy the weekend to the fullest. By this time next year, I will have more money and I’ll be further along in my career to possibly help fund and support the organizations I was in.” He continued. “I can attend more club events and come back to see my line brothers, prophytes and friends I made in undergrad,” said senior Mathew Lambkin.

“I’m looking forward to my homecoming experience as an alumnus. There were a lot of things to juggle as a senior so hopefully next year  I can enjoy homecoming for the celebration that it is,” Joseph said

The annual black affair has claimed a special place in the hearts of many seniors and remains to be a Howard tradition that gives students a place to call home.