Kayla J. Brookins: Tennessee State Stylish Buzz Of The Week

Show me what your working with and slay us Ms. Brookins! This is the expectations of excellence from the Queen whose fashion statements break necks on the campus of Tennessee State University.  Hailing from the Show Me State and more specifically the city of all huSTLers, St. Louis, MO. Kayla J. Brookins provides fashion that is bold on a regular basis.  “What shocks me most is that Kayla Brookins has the ability to keep up with her school work as well as she keeps her fashion up,” stated Tramon Jones.

When HBCU Buzz caught up with Kayla Brookins we found out that she has versatile looks that changes seasonally.

The senior Health Science major with a concentration in Public Health is months away from entering the world with her bachelors degree but is taking care of business while enduring the process.

Tennessee State University strives on the Motto to Think, Work, and Serve.  Brookins is doing just that.  She is shaping business and people as a proud member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity Incorporated., representing the growth & development of young black males of Middle Tennessee with Collegiate 100 as the 2018-2019 Miss. Collegiate 100 for the Tennessee State University chapter, and apart of the Mt. Zion College Ministry of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, TN.  She gives her time to helping young elementary boys and senior high school ladies at The Wesley Foundation of Nashville.

Kayla Brookins pictured with 4th grader of Alex Elementary. She spoke with 4th graders about leadership and what it takes to be a leader.
Kayla Brookins pictured with members of Tennessee State University Collegiate 100 at Alex Elementary where the group of young adults spoke with 4th graders about leadership

Brookins style is versatile yet chic in her opinion.  “Depending on the event I may be attending or how the weather is outside determines what style I’m going for,” stated Brookins very enthused.  Brookins speaks through the way she dresses and many notice it.  “She uses her sense of style as more than just a way of dressing but also a way of showing her bubbly and outstanding personality, stated her line brother, Sunnisha Stephenson.

In America we can dress the way we want.  It’s apart of our freedom. Yet Kayla is fully aware of when not to cross the line.  “I have curves and I’m always mindful of how clothes fit rather its to tight or doing to much because it can give off the wrong impression,” stated Brookins as she reflected on the beauty of dressing appropriately.  We live in a society that loves to compare who wore it best.  Every clothing item doesn’t look the same for every person.

Brookins love the idea of getting ideas from celebrities, models, or even well known social media gurus of fashion but in her opinion everybody’s style won’t always work with yours.

When it comes to fashion tips Brookins has a few.

  1. Glitter and sparkles add flavor to an outfit
  2. A simple jean and sequins top can be dressed up or dressed down
  3. Adding color always adds personality to your outfit
  4. Adding leather and diamond can bring so much life to your outfit of all black or all white.

How you dress should make you feel great.  In the last words of Ms. Brookins, “WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL AMAZING, WEAR IT!!!”  That’s because personal style is your style and its never based on the styles of others.

You can keep up with Kayla’s community involvement and styles on instagram @stylingwithk_ It’s all motivation coming from her platform.