Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. founded at Howard University in 1911, has issued an announcement for a moratorium, effective immediately. The announcement was made by the Grand Basileus, David E. Marion, Ph.D.


I once again greet you in the matchless name of the Supreme Basileus of the Universe. With as much as you have entrusted me to do as your 41st Grand Basileus, I am most appreciative of the support of the Supreme Council including each of the District Representatives in carrying out the duties of Omega. Those duties include her protection at any cost.

After consulting with your Supreme Council and under the advisement of the Grand Counselor, I am announcing the following moratorium, effective immediately, on MSP and social activities with the following exceptions:

  • MSP processes that are already in process or MSP applications currently in the hands of the district representatives may continue.
  • Get Right Programs can continue.
  • No individuals from the time period of this moratorium can apply to the Get Right Program.
  • Mandated programs may be planned and held.
  • Milestone chapter anniversaries may be planned and held if events are submitted and approved on SEC forms.
  • Events for which an SEC has been submitted prior to this moratorium and is pending approval may be considered if all SEC requirements have been timely met and the event is subsequently approved.

No workarounds attempting to circumvent this moratorium, including, but not limited to underground processes, hosting Omega events in the names of other individuals or entities, or purchasing private insurance, will be approved or tolerated. Sanctions will be issued up to expulsion and chapter revocation. This moratorium is indefinite. I thank you in advance for governing yourselves accordingly.


David E. Marion, Ph.D.
Grand Basileus