Founder and CEO Dr. Latisha Rowe began RoweDocs to put the care back into healthcare.  As a new doctor, she felt pressured to rush through patients and constantly prescribe drugs.  

Founder and CEO Dr. Latisha Rowe

With preventable patient mortality and drug-resistant bacteria also on the rise, she knew it was time for a change.  Today, Rowe operates her own practice. She has created a pipeline for non-emergency primary care patients to be seen quickly by doctors through video chats.

RoweDocs is a valuable resource for HBCU students, whose healthcare is often overlooked and underfunded.  This wellness experience means no wait lines, with discussions in the comfort of your dorm or on the go. Gone are the days when your academics and activities get put on hold for a doctor’s visit. Feeling your primary care physician doesn’t have time for you can lead to a decline in mental health.

Luckily, RoweDocs is there to assess your medical concerns quickly and easily. It’s as easy as calling the RoweDocs office to schedule, confirming the appointment, and logging in a few minutes before start time.  The cost of RoweDocs doesn’t put a dent in your pockets either. The cost is $100, which is similar to the cost of an urgent care visit. Yet in some cases, you can use your insurance and pay a copay.

Dr. Rowe continues to support HBCUs even beyond RoweDocs.  For those students who became educated as doctors, she founded the Minority Virtual Physicians Society.  This one-of-a-kind society has helped her to increase minority physician engagement in digital health. By creating this, she provides a space for physicians of color to discuss challenges and expand their portfolios. Dr. Rowe and RoweDocs serve as the definition of black excellence that HBCUs were founded on.

The opportunities students dream about reaching may not always exist. And in that case, she encourages building your own door to success.  Dr. Rowe faced financial burdens as a single mom and the fear of her business not living up to its potential. Yet with hard work and determination, she now services black communities and more nationwide.  Spelling out the last name of its founder, RoweDocs is a Reliable Online Wellness Experience.  

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