William is a graduate of South Carolina State University and is a 31-year professional public school educator.

A past professor with Edward Waters College, teaching educational technology, social media and STEAM. Professor Jackson is an advocate for youth, teens and young
adults of color and culture to participate in tech conferences. A WordCamp engager his blogs are read nationally and internationally. He can be found on Twitter:

Access to technology has unprecedented abilities to empower and encourage girls of all ages. Clubs like “Girls Who Code” in Jacksonville can be seen at the Jacksonville Main Library involving dynamic and skill building sessions. Saturdays are not the same anymore, girls are actively learning new things to prepare them for careers never thought of before and even creating their own businesses using technology that has a foundation in STEAM and web development.

The club targets girls in 5th to 12th grade, many of the girls have a serious interest in coding, web development, and STEAM elements. Stephanie Boilard, Library Associate, Jax Makerspace Jacksonville Public Library – SBoilard@coj.net Black Girls Code – www.blackgirlscode.com/ will be involved in WordCamp Miami this year. Their girls will be building web sites and involved in STEAM based project learning. Learning HTML (hypertext markup language) the language of the Internet and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) used in web page development. Understanding of JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages is important in the competitiveness of this dynamic industry.

Interpreting the terminology can sound very nerdy, but nerds are global; nerds and geeks are running the world. They are making discoveries, innovations to address global challenges that will be analyzed, categorized, prioritized and solved with technical precision.

The Girl Next Door Can Code
It is highly recommended girls have keyboarding experience and familiarity with desktop computer Windows and Apple Operating Systems. There is a need for diversity in various Operating Systems because girls need skills to work in the diversity of careers. The knowledge gained in tech can earn scholarships, internships,
collaboration in projects, networking in social and business events and help girls to become business owners and entrepreneurs.

Girls need to understand the coding process, the unique language that required creative thinking and innovative awareness. There are other opportunities for growth by girls attending KidsCamp conferences associated with WordCamp conferences
that can be found nationally and globally.

KidsCamp Jacksonville will be held Saturday, June 30th in Jacksonville, Florida https://2019.jacksonville.wordcamp.org/ The Organizers William Jackson and Aida Correa are educators with a passion to empower kids and getting them involved in STEAM initiatives, especially kids of color and culture.

KidsCamp Organizers Nationally and Globally
Looking at WordCamp Central https://central.wordcamp.org/ there is a global presence that teaches the fantastic collaboration of STEAM and KidsCamp.

They have wonderful learning opportunities for youth and teens. They understand the future success and growth is with kids and Youth Camp conferences. WordCamp is volunteer lead conferences where speakers are the experts, innovators, and creators of their Brands and willing to share their knowledge. The awesomeness is that youth, teens and young adults are participating on equal footing as adults, their requirements are somewhat different, parents need to attend with the kids and both are encouraged to work together in project-based learning activities.

In the era of global collaboration, KidsCamp and Youth Camp teachers like Aida Correa, William Jackson, Mary Job, Christina Workman, Tapiwanashe Manhombo, Great Anthony, Ericka Barboza, Leandro Gomez, and others are integrating the elements of STEAM into their curriculum’s to embed higher order and critical thinking skills.

These skills are necessary for entrance into business, commerce, and various industries.

Africa is leading the way globally with new Youth and Kids Camp, the development of digital infrastructures are creating awesome opportunities for digital business growth.
Opening new ways to empower kids that attend the fast growing conferences for youth, teens and young adults that are being dominated by young ladies, young women, and girls. Because of the immediate ability of WordCamps to encourage networking, the building of brands that encourage the building of entrepreneurial desires and the creation of businesses is unprecedented.

Girls and women can have a solid web presence with the support of an “open source” community with a global support system of diverse individuals, conferences, meetups, and KidsCamps to ensure that failure is not an option. Everyone is supported, nurtured, encouraged and empowered. The diversity of color and culture is an asset and a blessing. Parents are seeing that KidsCamp conferences are the source of inspiration, encouragement, and activism.

The list of KidsCamps grows along with the diversity of its organizers, advocates, teachers, promoters, volunteers and sponsors. The growth of WordCamp conferences are dependent on the ability of KidsCamps to be successful to encourage a new generation of bloggers, micro-bloggers, podcasters, business owners, social media innovators and STEAM advocates to grow with the help of knowledgeable men and women who have grown to be influencers across the spectrum of digital growth and innovation.


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