Chasing the ghost of slavery to gain reparations for atrocities, Jim Crow, inequality and countless other crimes committed against blacks in the dark history of this nation, has lofty moral implications, but in truth is unattainable and unrealistic. (“Reparations are an opportunity to turn a corner on race relations,” Opinion, April 23)

I am a black man who has always thought reparations for African Americans was like looking for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Still, there is a practical solution to solving our national dilemma.ADVERTISEMENT

The U.S. government should fully fund historically black colleges; it should provide full scholarships to all students in those schools and to eligible incarcerated black inmates; and it should provide training in the trades for black youth whose aptitude indicates a certain skill set.

The history of slavery in this country should not be forgotten. Let’s make sure it’s never repeated.

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