Remember your senior year of high school? You were drained worrying about college, the SATs, and just surviving until graduation.  It seemed impossible to get it all done and still have a social life… right? 

BOOKSMART is a raunchy story that begins with two hard-working BFFs finding out that all the slackers in their school got into the same top-tier colleges as them. Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) realize there was a balance of work and fun that everyone figured out but them.  From that moment on, they vow to have the most action-packed night of their life.

Make no mistake, this movie is a wild ride.  Imagine being loaded, and  falling into random parties on your way to the main turn up.  You spot your crush, there’s making out, and of course your best friend lost their phone.  BOOKSMART has enough recklessness to break some friends up forever.  Amy and Molly have been tight all 4 years,  but can they survive this night?

Check out BOOKSMART in theaters May 24th. End your semester with a bang.