Are there zones in your garden that have lost their former attractiveness, and you would like to renovate them to make your beloved a surprise? We have prepared a whole bunch of easy and quick ideas for you to get inspired, so that next season, you can take up the “tuning” of your garden possessions with new forces! Choose the project for yourself and amaze your loved one.

1. More potted plants!

As usual, beautiful flowering pottery pieces will help to camouflage the unattractive corner for transplanting.

2. Meadow with wildflowers

This idea is so cool because you will be able to walk in the meadow among fragrant plants, even if very small, without leaving the gate of your garden. What a romantic gift to your partner – planting some wildflowers!

3. Creative decor

You can use the shells of snails to make small decorations for the flower bed. Simple wooden or bamboo sticks will serve as a support and put the shells on top of them. These pieces are also suitable for decorating flower boxes and pots.

4. Silent alley

One place to rest is good, but a few are even better. Especially if the path to a nook will run along the alley planted with wisteria and ‘Annabelle’ hydrangeas.

5. Woodpile in a new role

Another great idea to surprise your partner. If you ever date Russian women, take this into consideration because they love gardening! A neatly folded firewood can be easily turned into a protective screen – behind it, you can place a trash container or equip a place to make compost. In order for the construction to be stable, tie or glue it together making a stable back panel.

6. Unexpected accent

The boulder, which was placed on a gravel bed, can be used to divide the motley flower garden into zones, making the picture more dynamic. It is surrounded by fescue, sage ‘Purpurascens’ and red barberry. In the background,  (Sisyrinchium striatum can be planted.

7. Fancy retro decor

If there is no place for a pond in the garden at all, you can always make your own interpretation of it. Like the one that is made of zinc buckets planted with algae and cranes in antique style. Place the buckets as if plants are pouring out of them.

8. Paradise

In a small area covered with gravel dumping, a fountain can be placed. Surrounded by rudbeckia with pink flowers, Echinacea, Pennisetum foxtail, and Monard, this place begs you to sit down and enjoy the beautiful view.

9. Edging for the flower bed

Border it with a low brick wall, and a vegetable garden or flower bed will look neat and tidy. In addition, stones accumulate heat, which has a beneficial effect on the development of plants. Potted daisies can gently emphasize the rural charm of this corner

10. Want a bright contrast?

Then you are welcome! Blue flowers of cornflower or orange marigolds enhance the brightness of each other’s colors. Both plants are annuals. Plant them and enjoy vivid colors. Calendula should be sown from April to June, blue cornflower – preferably in April, but you can do it until June. Why not create such a bright ensemble?

11. Let there be light!

Moisture-resistant colored paper lanterns suspended in the trees will light up the open-air party and add mood, and in the daytime, they will not go unnoticed. Important advice: they do not need electricity, the flashlights are powered by ordinary batteries.

12. An interesting approach

Who said that the trickle should flow only among lush greenery and that grassy perennials could not grow on the terrace among the plates? Our idea is to create the design of the walkway among the mini-flower garden on the summer terrace which will resemble the flow of water. Agree, a very original decision.

13. The higher, the better

To make a spectacular accent in the flower garden, you can use the original garden obelisk. And the more graceful, more beautiful, and higher it will be, the better! Use bright details – this is a simple and fast way to make the garden a lot more beautiful!

14. Music of the Light

After a hard day’s work, nothing is more relaxing than a gathering with loved ones on a cozy bench in the garden. And to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, place candlesticks with flickering candles next to a place to relax.

15. White walls as a background for vegetation

Design a small patio, as if it were a part of an interior. White ink is often used to enhance the brightness of a small space. With white brickwork and white garden furniture, you get an attractive summer terrace, which has a serious, airy and bright style.

16. Greens on the fence

Use the fence to add color and greenery to the garden corner. Growing plants on the fence or vertical grating plants are the perfect solution for a small area. Vertically overgrown fence distracts attention from a small courtyard.