William Jackson, graduate of South Carolina State University
Teacher and Organizer of Kids Camp Jacksonville, Fl 2019

The unmistakable truth to mastering technology is the reality that 80% of careers require some level to tech knowledge.The ability to  read and comprehend what is being read and following directions is important.  Comprehension is Key.

Achieving success in today’s digital careers will require youth, teens and young adults to respect the value of learning and gain knowledge and experiences to grow into leaders.

That creativity, innovation, dreams, inspiration, motivation and collaboration does matter with others so youth, teens and young adults along with learning need to learn to get along and work collaboratively.

The access to platforms, tools, Apps, widgets, plugins and other digital programs is not the only thing needed to be successful, it takes networking, education, collaboration and hard work.

Globally kids access to conferences are growing nationally and internationally. Blogging, micro-blogging are needed that encourage youth, teens and young adults to embrace not just
the tech, but embrace the humanity behind the tech.

child working on STEAM project at Kids Camp Jax
child working on STEAM project at Kids Camp Jax

The integration of STEAM, STREAM and CSTREAM are components that are access points to career choices that have not even been developed yet. In cities across this nation and even globally, there is the expansion of environmentally friendly and carbon-less infusion of fossil fuels that are pollutants to our environment.

Educational models are changing in elementary and secondary education to integrate hands-on and project based learning. Teachers are facilitators and advisers, they are encouraging
guided discovery, allowing youth, teens and young adults to be increasingly creative and  allow innovative learning to run classrooms.

The building of kids conferences  is not what it was a few years ago, it is growing into an opportunity to get kids exposed to not just the
tech, but the humanity behind it. How tech can allow for the voices to be heard and a platform for social change.

Teaching the soft-skills of collaboration, respect for differences in color, culture, gender and generational experiences. Taking the
learning from the classroom and applying it to real world experiences in STEAM and Web Development. Youth, teens and young adults
should be empowered to mange growing tech.

IT fields are growing at such a rate that children, especially children of color, culture and ethnic backgrounds are changing their directions from sports and entertainment to new career options that provide increased educational and financial stability and growth.

Aida Correa - Organizer of Kids Camp Jax
Aida Correa – Organizer of Kids Camp Jax

Many kids conferences are stating why just depend on sports and entertainment to change lives when STEAM can produce generational increase through education, economic and
environmental exposures.

Aida Correa – Organizer Kids conferences are helping youth, teens and young adults to create a web presence that is their
digital resume, building Brands, creating
Niches, helping create kids as Influencers and role models. Their voices are being heard on YouTube, Facebook Live and through Instagram videos. The concerns of younger
generations is being broadcast and podcast.

Youth, teens and young adults from Central America, Africa,  the United States and Canada are learning from educators,  business
owners and entrepreneurs.

future Girl Boss and Digital Innovator
future Girl Boss and Digital Innovator
Kids Camp Jacksonville 2019
Kids Camp Jacksonville 2019

It can be seen now that 7 year olds are “digital influencers;” the term digital influencer, thought leader, digital innovator, smart
creative and others carry respect. The changing of the narrative of who youth, teens and young adults are and their thinking is changing because they – youth, teens and young adults are sharing their own
stories on digital platforms that connect like-minded people.

Kids conferences, workshops, meetups, etc,  are allowing youth to even start to solve problems that are not even problems yet and help kids in Africa change the economic paradigm and foundation for education.

Central America and Africa are the new bases for entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs. Kids across the world will have to compete against
African and Central American kids for digital jobs that are remote and high tech. These youth, teens and young adults are smart, creative and innovative.

The growth in online educational institutions coupled with online careers means more and more kids can gain knowledge and skills
digitally and continue to grow faster than their parents.  Education is key and empowering youth, teens and young adults to be the problem solvers the world needs.

The change is here, it is not coming, being done now with conferences providing such unique experiences that kids
have their own panels for discussions  that are seen in PodCasts. Parents would be wise to listen to their kids about their dreams,
aspirations and passions because those maybe the conduits of coming businesses that will change the world as we know it for generations to come.