DC photographer, Howard University Alumna Jordan Woods, has created a portrait series observing black people and their self-image juxtaposed against the narrative of mainstream media. Instead of waiting for a gallery to take interest, Woods has decided to create an event to showcase the series titled “Fogged Lens” occuring on Friday, January 17th, 2020 at The Caged Bird; available for view through to Saturday, February 29, 2020. Visit foggedlens.com to purchase tickets and learn more. 

Jordan Woods; The Refined Photo

This event is drawing the connection between art, awareness and social gathering. As a younger photographer, the desire for success can often thwart the mission of creating work that speaks to yourself and others. The series, Fogged Lens, came about through the photographer’s lethargy with client work and her own belief that “a photographer’s role is to challenge the way things are currently done.” The series is comprised of over 20 pieces showcasing the unaltered accounts of prominent politicians, successful entrepreneurs, award-winning entertainment & media professionals, and world-renowned artists & authors. 

Jordan Woods owns The Refined Photo, which is a full-service media company, providing photography, videography, graphic/web design and more. She is a portrait and editorial photographer. As a New Orleans native, Houston raised, DC transplant – she has always been drawn to the rich arts culture in the black community. Woods strives to represent the various realities of black culture using historical context, pop culture trends and whatever inspires.