“When my collegiate [athletic] career ended in December 2018–with high blood pressure and over 33 percent body fat–I had to change my lifestyle.”

Over the next five months, the former Howard football defensive tackle lost over 60 pounds and is now under 26 percent body fat. 

Makuka “Kuka” Kasuba lost over 60 pounds between December 2018 and May 2019. His weight-loss journey inspired him to start his two-month-old fitness company, Millennials Get Fit.

Mukuka “Kuka” Kasuba’s weight loss journey inspired him to create what is now a two-month-old fitness company, Millennials Get Fit

“MGF is much more than workout routines. It’s a lifestyle; a healthier one that everyone should pursue. I saw the impact a healthier lifestyle had on me and wanted that same impact for others,” said Kasuba.

The recent graduate actively questions when and where millennials thrive on good health. So he collaborated with fitness and nutrition experts to create a variety of structured meal prep and eight-week workout programs ranging up to $40. 

“Success is not measured by how much money I make, but the lives I am impacting. I can sit back and crush revenue goals, but if my clients aren’t happy, what is it worth?”

The 23-year-old attributes each programs’ success to his chief fitness officer Jason Wooding. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Wooding’s extensive knowledge regarding human anatomy has played a large role in MGF’s high success rate. 

“Most of my knowledge derives from internship and coaching experiences in addition to strength training and being a former student-athlete. I developed my own opinions about physical fitness but certain scientific principles are non-negotiable,” said Wooding.

His opinions appear to be working. 

Dominique Anoh is currently a MGF ambassador under the “Body Weight Workout Program.” She lost 10 pounds in the first five weeks and plans to lose another five in the next three. Growing up, Anoh was always athletic, but once in college, her focus on sports and fitness vanished. 

Thanks to Wooding, she has seen significant progress toward her goal. 

“Because of my work schedule, I wanted something that wasn’t going to have me stuck in the gym for over an hour. Jason modified the program to make it work around my schedule and goals. It’s nice to see that my body can bounce back and regain its strength.”

Wooding, a Howard graduate and former Bison football player, joined Texas Tech University as the Assistant Football Strength and Conditioning Coach in January. 

Anoh also credits her strength to Kasuba. Although in Boston, she mentioned that remote training hasn’t been difficult. 

“Kuka definitely makes himself accessible whether its via text or FaceTime. We have weekly check-ins to discuss any questions or challenges I may have. Prior to the program, I was not eating healthy at all. Kuka drastically helped by providing healthier alternatives and substitutes to clean up my diet. It’s a true lifestyle change that I plan to continue after the eight-week program.”

Although MGF is in its early stages, Kasuba has had many teachable moments. Initially, he doubted himself. 

“I launched MGF on Facebook in July and had over 1,000 views during the first week. Two days passed before my first purchase. It was heartbreaking. But after that one sale, business just started booming.”

Kasuba has released uniquely designed fitness apparel in a variety of colors. Tops are available in white, silver and black and can be ordered online.

For anyone looking to start their own business venture, Kasuba advises to “believe in what you’re creating. Be your biggest advocate and surround yourself with people that believe in your vision as much as you.”

“It’s a grind and a hustle. You have to be passionate about your business. It has to be your baby. You have to want to sacrifice the wold to see your baby grow. Walk and talk like you own a Fortune 50 company. Even though it may not be there yet, you need to see your company at that level.”

If interested in what MGF has to offer and to learn more about Kasuba’s journey, visit the website here.