Earlier this year 14-year-old Sydney Wilson made history by becoming one of the youngest students to be accepted into Spelman College and now the DeKalb County native is making strides during her first year at the HBCU. According to Because of Them We Can, Wilson’s academic vigor landed her a spot on the Dean’s list.

Wilson completed her semester with a 3.76 GPA. The teen—who has had a passion for STEM from a young age—has taken a variety of classes focused on science, liberal arts and history. She says adjusting to life as a college student hasn’t been easy but she’s grateful for the growth that she’s experienced so far. “There have definitely been some ups and downs but the ups certainly outweigh the downs,” she told the news outlet. “It was a little hard in the beginning being away from my family but luckily I got to see them often. I am now able to see how the semester has impacted my life, refined my character and gifted me the ability to see things from different perspectives.”

Wilson, who majors in biology, hopes to enter the medical field in the future. She wants to utilize animal science as an avenue to cure human illness. “I want to use animal science to try and solve human illnesses and ailments. I want to combine human anatomy and animal science to try and figure some things out,” she told KTVU. The school works in concert with the Morehouse School of Medicine to provide biology students with hands-on experience. “She has the opportunity to do real work, like hands-on work because of Morehouse,” said her father Byron F. Wilson. “It’ll be part of getting her that real-world experience.”

Wilson is slated to graduate from Spelman in 2023.

Source: News One