Bobby Beers of Tech Ballard shares, Megan Thee Stallion has had a whole year and every feat is well deserved. Between each studio session, photo shoot, red carpet event or festival performance, Megan hits the books since she’s a student at Texas Southern University. The rapper “Cash Shit” is studying the health administration in order to open an assisted living center.

“Just looking [my grandmother] taking care of my [great-grandmother] has made me want to create a facility for older people and ask someone to look at it.” Help her as part of her end-of-life care, “Megan told Vulture.

Megan recently spoke of a small conflict that has now earned her a household name and having to make her celebrity life easier while remaining a student. “I have a 6-page research report to come out tonight and a multi-functional photo shoot today … let’s see how that goes,” she wrote on Twitter.

A fan jokingly replied, mocking Megan, stressing on just six pages. “Lol whore I would like to be perfect like you,” she replied.

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“I’m trying not to make me a rapper a big problem,” Megan once told Rolling Stone about her student life. “Just as I sometimes miss classes because I have to do a show, someone [if not] has missed a class because they do not want to be there. They can not treat either of us. I’m just trying to finish all my work and make it as soon as I can. Read more.