Boosie recently apologized to members of Kappa Alpha Psi after he wore a fraternity sweater to an Atlanta Hawks game, enraging many KAPsi brothers across the country.

The “Wipe Me Down” rapper posted a pic wearing the fraternity sweater on Instagram — then all hell broke loose.

One member of Kappa Alpha Psi wrote, “This isn’t cool at all. Not sure if you’re doing this for a laugh or because you think you’re above order due to your celebrity status. This is extremely offensive and disrespectful to my fraternity as a whole. This post needs to come down,” according to Revolt.

From Revolt:

Other Kappas made fun of the situation. One member wrote, “Yo Yo lol Boosie really out here in my frat’s gear lmao wipe me down then boosie!”

Boosie responded to all of the backlash saying, “I WAS N THE MALL LOOKING FOR RED N SAW THE SWEATER N IT WAS HARD. YES I KNEW IT WAS A KAPPA SWEATER. I THOUGHT I WOULD GET LOVE FROM WEARING IT NOT HATE. CALM YALL AS DOWN BRA I WAS JUST GETTING FRESH #leavemealone.” He then captioned that post, “Y’all pissing me off frfr be mad at the mfs n the mall selling em for the low DONT BE MAD AT ME smh.”

In another Instagram post, Boosie appears in a video, saying, “Aye, check this out. I want to give a shout out to all the Kappas, man. If I offended y’all in any kind of way that’s my bad, you know. But, I ain’t going to wear y’all shirt no more.” 

He continued, “But I just found out that y’all step to “Wipe Me Down.” I’m pulling up on YouTube and all y’all do is step to “Wipe Me Down” so I’m not going to wear the shirt, but this what y’all got to do for me: since y’all step off “Wipe Me Down,” y’all got to teach me how to do the dance.”  

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The men of Kappa Alpha Psi celebrated their Founders’ Day on January 5th.

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