In a profile with InStyle, soul legend Erykah Badu revealed that she had something up her sleeve — an online clothing store. Partially inspired by Chinatown Market’s “bootlegged” approach, Badu is cultivating a wide-ranging online space for her dedicated fans. It’ll be complete with knick-knacks Badu has seen during her travels around the globe. Her brand will be aptly titled, Badu World Market. 

Badu World Market will mix the concept of a traditional merch store with highly intentional curation. Back in late October, Badu worked with Chinatown Market on a now sold-out shirt to give a glimpse into what their collaborative relationship is like. The collaboration, which happened via Instagram live, also showed one of the types of pieces that buyers will be able to cop once the store goes live.

She confirmed via Instagram that the store will have a section dedicated to sacred metals. One item that will be sold through this portion of the site is the chakra-balancing, metal baby hairs. “I challenged my fave classmate on earth, artist [Soull Kehinde Fundsworth] OGUN to conjure me up some enchanted baby hairs and edges that I can’t sweat out at the club, yet, will also keep me grounded and focused on balancing my ‘Dougie’ chakra,” she wrote. “Only at Badu World Market,” the singer added.

The store is set to launch on February 20, 2020, six days before Badu’s birthday. 

Source: Essence