GMA — Graduating from college is difficult, but for Morehouse College student Dacavien Reeves, who is graduating with a job offer from JP Morgan, it’s a milestone beyond his wildest dreams.

“This is a sample of the greatest black minds in America in this room,” said Robert Brown, Reeves’ professor and fellow Morehouse alumnus, of Reeves’ work ethic.

The 22-year-old Reeves went through a lot before even making it to college, becoming homeless after his mom Tasha Graham fell ill in 2012.

“We lived in hotels until the money ran out. And we eventually moved into the Salvation Army,” said Reeves.

“I made a promise to myself. I said, ‘I never want to be in this position ever again.’ And so that was my self-motivator. I knew that I was capable. I was hardworking, so I knew college was my way to go.”

He ended up choosing Morehouse College, the prestigious historically black university in Atlanta.

“I remember seeing the students at Morehouse College were well-dressed and they’re able to articulate themselves,” Reeves told “Good Morning America.” “I was like, ‘Wow. I want to be able to talk like that. I want to be able to dress like that. I want to have those experiences.'”

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