Throughout history there have been some remarkable black people who have left their mark on the world, be it Civil Rights Movement leader Martin Luther King, boxing legend Muhammad Ali or Maya Angelou and her various achievements. They have, without a doubt, left a legacy behind. 

In today’s world, many of us look to various influencers from the African American community for inspiration and the like. These influencers certainly can’t be compared to legendary figures in the form of Ali and Angelou, but they do influence the community in a positive light. Their views and opinions tend to hold some weight too, especially if they have such a large following behind them. 

The types of influencers can range from models – who tend to promote various products or give fashion tips, to athletes – who spread the word about healthy living and share various views around that, to gamers – who stream live gaming sessions, push various games from the likes of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare to casino creations such as a 3D roulette game online, or give advice on certain levels gamers can’t crack. There’s plenty more to it than that, though, as the influencer world continues to grow and the variety of messages out there expands with it. 

With African American influencers rising to prominence, we thought we’d go through some of the most influential figures around today who continue to fly the black flag high. 

Issa Rae 

An African American influencer behind the popular comedy show on HBO “Insecure”, Issa Rae has a band of loyal followers who keep up to date with her career developments and her comical creations. Her web-based comedy series, “Awkward Black Girl”, is another huge hit as she continues to make people laugh. 

LeBron James 

Basketball player LeBron James is a household name, so his inclusion probably comes as no surprise, but he does a lot more than just playing ball. James was good friends with the iconic Kobe Bryant, and he uses his social media profile to create awareness around certain issues and raise money for several charities he supports. He also shares inspirational quotes, much like his buddy Kobe did too. LeBron James is one of the top African American influencers; that’s for sure. 

King Bach 

An actor and director, King Bach rose to fame after drumming up huge interest on Vine. Since then, he’s gone on to acquire just over 19 million followers on Instagram and entertain people for hours on end. 

Coco Cozy 

Coco Cozy is one of Forbes’ top 10 home design influencers for 2017, with the decor and lifestyle blogger sharing excellent tips to improve your home. Incredibly active on both Instagram and Twitter, Coco Cozy is well worth a follow if you need some interior design inspiration.

Angela Davis/The Kitchenista

Everyone likes food, right? Well, Angela Davis is clearly fully aware of this and has left people salivating at her various recipes over the years. A self-taught cook, Davis turned what essentially was a hobby into a thriving business. With just over 117,000 followers on Twitter, she’s done pretty damn well for herself. 

Kitty Cash 

A hugely popular DJ in and around New York, Kitty Cash keeps her followers up to date on her various shows in some of America’s top clubs, while also sharing setlists and tracks so her fans can stay in the know. 

Jessamyn Stanley

People can find Yoga daunting, but Jessamyn Stanley aims to put the stereotypical image of someone who does yoga to rest by making it fun and inclusive for all. She’s also an advocate of body positivity.