HOUSTON – The coronavirus crisis has shockingly struck the sports world over the past few weeks.

With season canceled abruptly from high school to the pros, many athletes are wondering when sports will return in its entirety. Moreover, high school and college seniors are concerned about the future of their sports careers.

Three Prairie View Panthers football players — runningback Dawonya Tucker, tight end Jordan Jones and quarterback Jalen Morton — received invites by the NFL to participate in the first-ever HBCU Combine.

The HBCU Combine was slated for March 27 to 29 at the Miami Dolphins Health Training facility. The event was an opportunity for football players to showcase their skills in front of NFL teams.

However, this year those invited players will not get that opportunity.

THE NFL decided to cancel the event citing the safety of the players.

Only a few players received an invitation to the HBCU Combine. Each of them expressed gratitude to be considered in the inaugural class.

However, many players remained optimistic about playing in the NFL.

NFL hopefuls will wait to hear their names be called next month at the 2020 NFL Draft.

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