The hotties — the nickname given to Texas Southern student Megan Thee Stallion’s fans — are definitely a force to be reckoned with. If Meg tells them to jump, they will most likely jump and then some, supporting her at any cost, streaming her music, and expressing their love for her.

The 20 million-plus people who streamed her latest project, “Suga” on Spotify since its release earlier this month is just the beginning, if the Megan Thee Stallion hate train doesn’t step in. And even if they did have something to say about the way she’s handling her business, and in particular, her 2.7 GPA at the black college, it may well fall on deaf ears. Some people reacted negatively to it, questioning if she will be able to graduate and calling her dumb.

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Okay, let me explain this in layman’s terms. Meg is a B student or average. But she can tour the world and still make line for a Divine Nine organization, which should be an inspiration for a lot of people. Some of those who are angry with her GPA probably don’t attend a community college or are at home not doing anything with their life, and can’t relate.

We may look back on Meg if and when she gets her degree as a bright spot for many rappers who don’t necessarily want to pursue higher education; and former HBCU students like me would love her no less.

Just as important as pursuing higher education — if not more important — is supporting each other and giving back to the community. Those who are mad and try to knock down Meg because of her GPA are not only nuts, they’re also jealous of her success.