DJs play an integral role to the African American community, they are the masterminds behind the soundtrack to our lives. With every spin, DJs usher us into a good mood and deliver us from a bad one. A new documentary, “In The Mix,” follows the stories of over 20 years of DJ’s at Howard University and their impact on the industry and world around them.

“Inspired by that group, I show this legacy, how I got in, and how it connects us all. I self directed this entire film from the editing to the soundtrack,” says creator Dionne ‘DJ Magic’ Ledbetter, to HBCU Buzz. Ledbetter just graduated from Howard University and she released the documentary May 9th, her commencement day.

In The Mix features 20 years of Howard DJs including DJ Magic (member of Alpha Kappa Alpha), DJ Premonition (member of Alpha Phi Alpha), DJ Chubb E. Swagg, DJ Anonymous, Jae Murphy (member of Kappa Alpha Psi), Chase B, DJ Detroyt, DJ LR, DJ Ill Advised, DJ Kaptain (member of Kappa Alpha Psi), DJ Swerve, DJ Jordan Jetson, DJ Noble (member of Alpha Phi Alpha), DJ SuchNSuch (member of Alpha Phi Alpha), DJ KiddKam and DJ Zeaux

Dive into the culture and check out ‘In The Mix’: