As the country unites to revolt and protest senseless killings of Black men, the world is watching and mobilizing for change. If George Floyd’s killing has done anything, it has showed the world how disgusting the reality is for unarmed Black men.

Though Black men deserve to feel safe anywhere in the country, Floyd’s tragic murder emphasizes the importance of safe spaces, like historically Black colleges and universities. San Diego’s Mikey Williams is a rising sophomore who is considered one of the most promising young players in his class of 2023. As a freshman, he averaged 30 points a game at San Ysidro High School, which includes a 77-point game earlier in the year!

Williams is not even halfway through his high school career, but his accolades speak for themselves, so college conversations are already in full swing. Naismith National Youth All American Report reports Williams to be the No. 1 basketball player in the Class of 2023. This is two spots ahead of Lebron James Jr.!

One of the 15-year-old’s recent tweets excited the entire HBCU community:

Following the level of feedback from his tweet, he took to Instagram to elaborate more:

We hope to see Williams on college courts rocking the jersey of a Black college. There are more than twenty HBCUs that compete on the Division 1 level that he could choose from! This could change the game of college basketball forever, especially if his training at an HBCU leads him to the league. Williams could serve as the leader of a new pipeline of top recruits attending and thriving at historically Black colleges.

Recently, top recruit Trace Young decided to only consider Black Colleges. He announced that he will be joining the Alabama State university hornets. Coincidentally, former NBA Player, Mo Williams, accepted a job shortly as head coach, right around this time. Williams also recently shared his views on silent protesting, Black athletes needing to consider #HBCUonly! Is HBCU basketball pivoting? We hope so!

We are staying tuned!


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