We are proud to announce that a HBCU Buzz Top 30 Under 30 honoree has created yet another initiative to uplift underserved communities. The Prairie View A&M University Alum works tirelessly to allocate resources to those who are often swept under the rug, and this time he has his eyes set on sneakerheads.

2019 honoree Jarren Small is kicking off this summer with a dope initiative that will lend a voice to the sneakerheads of America. Over the years, African American consumers have poured millions of dollars into the sneaker industry, while reaping almost none of the economic benefits.  As a result, they are shut out of the business decisions while simultaneously being robbed of their culture for profits. 

Small’s company Sneaker Census will finally give this overlooked group a voice. Through the “One World One Sole” initiative, the sneaker community will finally have a localized data collection platform. The goal of the platform is to go straight to the urban sneaker community to ultimately collect vital information and lead campaigns that will ultimately benefit those same communities and their cities. 

The long-awaited kickoff will be on Friday July 10, 2020 in Houston, Texas. Smalls was sure to make sure the communities in his home state are heard. Anyone who considers themselves a sneaker connoisseur should fill out the questions on the Sneaker Census this Friday. After Houston, the Sneaker Census will hit other spots in Texas like Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. From there, they’ll make their way to the sneaker mecca of Chicago.

The Sneaker Census is very detailed and covers all the topics that a true sneakerhead would love to talk about. It asks about their favorite sneaker brands, and how they wear and even clean their shoes. It also touches on demographics, since in the US sneaker culture varies heavily by the area. For example in the South you might see more Jordans and Air Force 1s. But on the west coast in LA you may find more Yeezys, Nike Dunks, and even Pumas. The Census also asks sneakerheads what they are looking for from the sneaker companies themselves.  That’s a key question considering the impact this information will have on future sneaker campaigns. 

The Sneaker Census was carefully crafted to truly make waves long-term. The company is founded and led by African American men and women executives in the tech and sneaker industries. This talented group has both the experience and ability to make the silenced voices of sneakerheads be heard at the top of the food chain.

With Jarren serving the Sneaker Census as a founder, we know that he will see the mission through. We initially highlighted him for his noble work within his non-profit, Legends Do Live (LDL). Based in Houston, LDL supports youth ages 13-25. As a three-part program, his initiative has a focus on community restoration, encouraging youth academic success, and investing in the needs of impoverished schools. It’s great to see he has continued to direct resources to the Houston community and beyond. 

Here at HBCU Buzz we support the Sneaker Census and are excited to see what campaigns are created as a result!

To learn more about the Sneaker Census, visit https://www.sneakercensus.com/.

Follow the squad on their journey on Instagram @sneakercensus.