Traveling the world widens an individual’s outlook towards life. It gives thrill, excitement, and joy to the soul. You should never put away your travel dreams for the old age when you’ll have the time and money. Rather, you must experience the world around you at an early age. It will refresh your soul and enrich it with the lesson of a lifetime. Often times we tools we need when traveling are right at our fingertips. Here’s a website to discover more tools

There’s a myth that traveling is expensive and eats away a huge chunk of savings. This is the reason why a lot of young people get discouraged to explore the world in their heydays. But trust me this myth is not true. There are many ways that will enable young people, in their college years, to travel to exotic destinations around the world. It only requires a strong will power and some researches on traveling hacks. Let me share some travel tips today. I am pretty sure you’ll be able to fill your college years with precious travel memories of around the globe.

Choosing the right destination:

The first and foremost approach to traveling is proper planning. You should plan way ahead on your dream travel. Choosing the right destination helps you save expenses as well as gives you the joy of traveling. Europe and western countries are highly expensive. Whereas, you can find a lot of affordable destinations in southeast Asia. These are cheaper, yet packed with all the greatness of renowned destinations. You’ll also be amazed to find out what amazing hidden gems that some lesser-known countries have to offer. Choosing such destinations might save you a lot of expenses.

Planning the flight:

A careful planning on your flight will go a long way in saving a formidable portion of your expense. You should book the flight in advance. The earlier it is, the more will it be cheaper. Lookup for promotions and discount offers that many of the airlines give regularly. Besides, you don’t always need to book a premium airliner for the journey. A budget trip is always a blessing for college students. There are many airlines which offer surprisingly cheap and affordable flight. Moreover, big luggage is not always necessary. A backpack is enough most of the time. Avoiding luggage carriage also gives cheaper travel options in some of the flights.

Backpackers approach:

A backpackers approach not only enables you to save money but also gives flexibility in your travel approach. It enables you to cover more destinations than the typical honeymoon couples or premium travelers. You can search online to read travel forums on websites like TripAdvisor, etc. These forums are packed with useful and first-hand tips. Such tips will enable you to optimize your travel cost more comfortably. Besides, you can use these forums to mention your travel itineraries and organize group tours with like-minded tourists.

Think beyond hotels:

Expensive or semi-expensive hotel is not the only option you are stuck with. You can avail of more affordable options for your travel accommodation. Think of the accommodation as a place to crash off and sleep the night away. You can stay at backpackers hostels or travelers’ dorms. These hostels offer a good stay at minimum cost. There will be a lot of other travelers too who might be packed with information and travel hacks about the places you want to visit. You’ll be amazed to know that there are local people who are more than willing to share their home, food, and culture with international tourists. You can manage such a home to stay with the couch surfer app. But don’t always expect a cozy, big bedroom from your host. I guess, even a couch to sleep on the living room is not so bad if it comes for free. If you are traveling in a group with other college fellows, you can book homes on  Airbnb.  On most occasions a good home on the Airbnb app is cheaper than hotels or motels. Besides, if you are a solo traveler you can bring your camping gear. Many of the travel destinations offer camping sites. You can set up your tent and add a new dimension of experience on your travel.


When you are traveling as a student, try to focus more on the destinations and experience with the local people. Cabs and cars are a luxury you should avoid. Try to commute on the bus or subway. You can also hitchhike and share rides. It might come as a surprise that in many countries people can be extremely generous towards foreign travelers. Most of the time they’ll feel honored to give you a lift in their car if the destination is the same.

Study abroad:

You can merge your travel plans with your study too. Many universities offer foreign student exchange programs. These are done in collaboration with universities of other countries. Keep your eyes on such exchange programs and try to get into one of these. This way your study expense will cover your travel agenda. You’ll learn a new culture, make new friends, and have a different approach to study.

Voluntary jobs abroad:

College life is not always about study only. You can take some time off from your study and do some voluntary jobs abroad which add more dimension to your education. United Nations and many other NGOs offer voluntary jobs for young people. Most of these jobs are unpaid. But on the bright side, such a job will enable you to explore foreign lands and learn new cultures free of cost. You can even apply for an unpaid internship to reputed photographers and video bloggers. You’ll stay as an apprentice and travel on your mentor’s expense. Such initiatives will add up to your C.V profile and benefit you in the long run.

Prepare for travel from an early age:

If you dream of traveling the world plan early in your life. Don’t waste money on cigarettes, alcohol, or any other unnecessary bad habits. Rather, save up that money for your travel plans. Utilize your vacations and holidays to do some extra jobs to earn some cash. This cash will fund your travel ventures later on.

The discussions above only affirm the age-old saying- “where there is a will, there is a way.” Let not the fear of expense or young age stop you from exploring the unknown. God has endorsed the world with beauty, variety, and uniqueness. Travel and enjoy the world’s wonder with an open heart.