It’s so important that we all do the work to stay grounded during a time when it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. Most Americans have been affected in some way by the health scares brought on by COVID-19, unemployment, or an overall declining sense of self. Not only are people of color, and women in particular more susceptible to all of these challenges, they simply may not have been prepared for this. 

The Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) is a notable organization that has really stepped up to combat the effects this pandemic can have on young Black women. They recently came up with a series of virtual discussions about different topics surrounding this virus. My Sister’s Keeper (MSK) is a signature program of the Black Women’s Health Imperative, where they are able to talk about issues truly affecting young Black women. 

Next week they’ll be covering an especially important topic. On Tuesday August 11th at 6pm Est., BWHI is virtually hosting the MSK Listening Session: COVID-19’s Impact on the Mental/Emotional Health of Collegiate Students. Through this session, young Black women will have a unique safe space to share thoughts on campuses reopening as well as current mental and emotional health challenges. It is so important for Black women to come together and uplift each other, especially when many are overwhelmed. 

MSK was created to empower young Black college women, with a focus on those going to HBCUs. This program is also a gem because it gives young Black women an opportunity to really grow through leadership development and advocacy. These women are able to advocate for reproductive justice and sexual health, and other factors that contribute to the well-being of women who look just like them. 

Historically, Black women are an often overlooked group whose presence has been underrepresented, and whose communities are often under-funded, The steps BWHI makes outwardly demonstrate that Black women matter, they have a voice, and they are the face of change.

Ladies, be sure to mark your calendars now and RSVP here. As a bonus for attending, participants will be entered into a raffle for a Visa gift card. Take care of yourselves. 

If you have any questions, please email Zsanai Epps, MSK Program Director