Perhaps more than any other industry, the online tech sector is evolving at a truly rapid pace, with the possibilities of the internet in 2020 far beyond anything we could have imagined at the turn of the century.

The emergence of faster connection speeds, increasingly powerful browsers, and more devices to access them on has turned the internet from a portal of information, communication, and entertainment into a major part of our day-to-day lives.

In this article, we will examine one recent innovation that has helped transform those possibilities like few before it, and that is the gradual introduction of live video technology across a range of online platforms.

A world away from webcams

Since the mid-1990s, webcams have helped remote internet users chat with one another using video. However, the picture quality was generally pretty poor and the cameras themselves often had to be purchased separately and plugged in.

Today, the vast majority of laptops have good quality webcams built-in, generally found above the screen. This has helped make video chat between friends and family members easier and more pleasant than ever.

Additionally, the growth of the smartphone as an internet device has also underpinned the growing popularity of video chat. The majority of modern smartphones boast powerful front-facing cameras that make it easy to video call a buddy wherever you are in the world.

More real than AI

Live video technology is also being utilized by gaming brands to offer players a more unique challenge when playing their favorite titles. A great example here is in the casino industry, where live video technology is used to allow players to compete against a real-life person instead of an AI.

Games like blackjack, poker, and roulette all utilize this technology to offer a more authentic experience, and this trend is catching on all over the world. The leading brands each provide their own live casino experience, often featuring a friendly local accent, whether that’s Canadian, American, English, or a completely different language.

The use of video technology in this sector has helped to blur the lines between online and land-based casinos, with online players now accustomed to a more authentic experience than ever before, whether that’s through their laptop, tablet, or phone.

Keeping it social

Live video is also used in more traditional gaming sectors to connect the world’s best players with their fans. Esports players and YouTubers often host live streams of their gaming sessions, giving rise to a completely new genre of broadcasting.

This has helped make traditional gaming more social than it has been before, with many live streams providing the opportunity for enthusiasts to interact with one another, ask questions, and even build lasting friendships. More broadly speaking, live video is simply allowing gamers from all corners of the globe to chat face-to-face.

As you can see, the influence of live video on internet innovation has been relatively significant during the last ten years. It has helped sectors change the way they interact with customers, while also enhancing the experience for the end-user. A true win-win for all parties!