It’s not too late for other HBCUs to get in on the action, too! (See below.)

Historically black Texas Southern University is hosting a “March to the Polls” event for students attending the black college, encouraging early voting and (really) just voting period. “To kick off and encourage early voting, Texas Southern University is hosting a “March to the Polls” event for students on TSU’s Tiger Walk,” per a statement released by the university, adding, “Participants will adhere to social distancing guidelines while marching across campus (University Towers Residence Hall to the West Garage) to the polling station.”

The statement continued, “This event is a part of the TSU Votes initiative that provides the campus community with resources and information needed for a successful voting experience.” TSU also provided some bullet points answering questions about what, who, when, and where in the statement:

WHO: TSU Interim President Kenneth Huewitt, Mayor Sylvester Turner, members of the TSU administration and community.  

WHAT: “March to the Polls” event to kick off early voting in the 2020 election.

WHO: TSU Interim President Kenneth Huewitt, Mayor Sylvester Turner, members of the TSU administration and community.  

WHEN: Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 11: 30 A.M.

WHERE: Texas Southern University – Tiger Walk  

You are encouraged to park behind the Ernest S. Sterling Student Life Center – Lot S1 (3347 Blodgett St., Houston, TX 77004).”

Texas Southern is one of the first HBCUs to share with HBCU Buzz their plan to help get students at these schools to vote. More should too by emailing me here: I believe our readers will find this news worthwhile.

Per Pew Research Center.

Why your vote matters.

This is probably the most important election year ever. Howard University graduate Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff had wished the First Family a speedy recovery after Donald and Melania Trump was diagnosed with the new coronavirus—there’s no telling how long he had it, per reports but his people say in early Oct. Lots of other people across social media did the same thing. All of that is good. But let’s not forget that the same man, even the leader of the free world, originally downplayed “the rona”, not encouraging the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing from the beginning. Him mocking Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the first debate about his own and correct(?) stance on the said issue is another fatal mistake for the president (who’s counting?). Biden had called for a nationwide mandate to wear a mask while he pushed for his plan to combat the virus in early August, however, I will take my chances with the latter (six feet, please) over the former at this point.

HU Grad Kamala Harris Wishes The First Family A Speedy Recovery After They Tested Positive For COVID-19

Trump’s stupid remarks was almost to be expected. He has definitely dropped the ball a few times, not a good time to do that once. The world is watching the circus crash. Meantime, between time, Trump is doing the most. For example, take his Twitter tantrums and his annoying use of all caps just for emphasis. He basically laughed in the face at Biden about his silly mask he always wears in an attempt to what exactly? or to prove what? I don’t know. But I remember that. Point for Biden *shrugs*. And I know that you shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone, though, a black woman coming straight outta a historically black college in the nation’s or “The Mecca” as the black college is affectionately known as by HU students and alumni to Vice President Mike Pence also works for Biden’s dream of having the most powerful seat in the country one day. Point for Biden. Indeed, Pence is a white, middle-aged man who is barely noticeable. That’s another nod to team Biden. Two points for team Biden.

Get involved.

So, if we were playing the best out of three games of tennis, I’m picking a Serena Williams then and now over a Maria Sharapova any day. And thus, we see that voting is of the utmost importance in 2020. Do we want the same thing in 2016 to happen again, or do we want change? Take action at your HBCU and be among the first of historically black the colleges like TSU this election year to make better happen and vote.