Working from home has been a dream for some, but a nightmare for others. Ultimately, it is the necessary access to a computer and reliable internet that makes all the difference. A recent partnership with Wilberforce University in Ohio and Community Action has made the study process easier for several students, with even a special extra resource added. In fact, the Ohio Association of Community Action provides education, training, and emergency services to about 600,000 low income Ohio residents a year. Read more below for the full details.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies partnered with Wilberforce University to provide much-needed technology to support students’ remote learning. The pilot project will allow 100 eligible students, who have been impacted by the pandemic, access to a personal laptop enabling them to continue their studies through distance learning. 

Wilberforce University students

“When the pandemic hit earlier this year, many of us were thrust into working or studying offsite,” said Philip E. Cole, executive director of OACAA. “We saw a need and are happy to fill that need to better equip students and help maintain their path to graduation.”

Thanks to the partnership, the selected number of enrolled Wilberforce University students will receive new laptops to use for their studies during and beyond the school’s remote learning protocol. The students will be selected automatically based on eligibility criteria. 

“OACAA is an ideal partner in Wilberforce’s endeavor to address the Digital Divide,” said Dr. Tashia Bradley, executive vice president and chief innovation officer at Wilberforce University. “Black communities have been grappling with gaps in accessing devices and Wi-Fi. These are the types of gifts that help reduce that gap and help support the university’s commitment to ensuring student success. We are appreciative of OACAA for partnering with us to address this issue.”

In addition to the computers, students will have access to preloaded Apportis software that supports access to mental health resources for the remainder of the school year. The resources and content will be available without connecting to a local Wi-Fi network. Similar partnerships between OACAA and local colleges and universities are expected to be developed following this pilot project’s successful roll-out. 

Wilberforce University