Shaw University‘s drive to create a more just and equitable society has caught the attention of Raleigh locals. Now, Shaw’s Center for Racial and Social Justice has big plans spread its outreach through a partnership with the City of Raleigh.

Through the recent collaboration, Shaw and the City of Raleigh will produce a series of public listening sessions on race, racism, and social equity beginning in February 2021. Dr. Paulette Dillard, who is the President of Shaw University, looks forward to the impact the partnership will have.

“As the founding location for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Shaw has a rich legacy as a social justice leader,” said Dr. Dillard. “This partnership with the City of Raleigh allows Shaw to expand its work and make meaningful impacts for the citizens of Raleigh.”

The Shaw University campus, courtesy of The Progressive Pulse

Created in June 2020, Shaw University’s Center for Racial and Social Justice has been described as a “space for and support the development of bold, visionary leadership.” The Center has deployed several initiatives to create impactful social change by supporting student engagement around civil and human rights. Those initiatives include lectures, workshops, seminars, certificate programs, forums and advocacy work. The Center is holistic in that it also supports spiritual formation and discernment around social justice. As a result of its work, the Center hope to develop healthy congregations and communities. 

Shaw’s work within its community has created a foundation of trust among people like Raleigh mayor Mary Ann Baldwin, who believe the collaboration will extend far beyond the campus.

Shaw University students, courtesy of Shaw University

“The big goal of our collaboration with the Center for Racial and Social Justice is to develop an actionable plan to build a more equitable community for all of us,” said Mayor Baldwin. “We’re very excited about this partnership and the good work to come. We couldn’t have a better partner than Shaw.” 

Later this month, Shaw University and the City of Raleigh plan to release a joint guidance on participation in conjunction with the lectures. The collaboration is sure to nurture the challenging work people at the Center are doing to address race and racism, environmental and climate justice, social inequities, health, and violence.