If you’re a fan of scary movies and thrillers, then buckle up because the Saw franchise just added a surpising actor to their latest film! Morehouse College alumnus Samuel L. Jackson will be in the latest Saw film “Spiral,” acting as fellow legend Chris Rock’s father! 

In the film, Jackson’s complicated past somehow leads to a maze of ambushes and scares for Chris Rock’s character, “Detective Zeke Banks,” who leads a police department. Samuel L. Jackson, who plays a confident and esteemed police veteran, “Marcus Banks,” has a past investigating the grisly crimes of Jigsaw. The past creeps up to the present when son Zeke Banks is confronted with murders that are eerily similar. He then unwittingly becomes trapped in the mystery of Jigsaw, finding himself at the center of the killer’s grisly game. 

Samuel Jackson is so effective in this role because it’s so outside of his typical roles. Known for Snakes On a Plane, Pulp Fiction, Snakes On a Plane, Capital One commercials, adn Star Wars films, Spiral brings something different out of him. Instead of getting him in his usual cynical yet in-control position, a shady horror film casts him in a whole light. Jackson’s character Marcus Banks has a history of fighting against the evil that is Jigsaw, but will he and Detective Banks prevail? Or, will Jigsaw continue his tyranny on the police department that Detective Banks has come to know and love, leaving everyone in and outside of the force exposed? Sometimes we think the pillars of our community will protect us, and are smarter than evil. But when things get personal all the rules go out the window.

To find out just how things go down in the next Saw franchise, watch Spiral today in theaters and let us know what you think.