Since that fateful day on May 25, 2020, world has been fighting for justice in the name of George Floyd. His callous murder sparked outrage and protests from Minneapolis where it all took place, to Los Angeles, to New York, to London and beyond. The murder sparked conversations about police brutality, social equality, larger discrimination and more.

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Now, as the nation continues to have those difficult conversations and heals, Derek Chauvin has had his time in court for sentencing. With today’s news that Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd, we wanted to capture the raw thoughts of voices known and unknown within the HBCU community about the former cops fate.

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The children of renowned civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. were among the first to speak on Chauvin’s sentencing. His youngest child, Bernice King, is a Spelman College alumna that shared her thoughts in a tweet.

“I am praying for the Floyd family,” said King Friday. “And I know that this sentence, no matter the length, does not ease the family’s pain.

I also know that this sentence, no matter the length, is not a solution for the blatant injustice and disregard for black lives by some law enforcement officers.

Justice = calling into accountability those in law enforcement who undergird and cover up the brutality, and the system, as well; and those who perpetuate police brutality by not supporting policies that would save lives. #GeorgeFloyd #ReimaginePublicSafety #SaveLives #FierceUrgencyofNow.”

Bernice King’s older brother, fellow activist and Morehouse College alumnus Martin Luther King III, was also quick to share his thoughts on the sentencing in a tweet.

“The world was watching today as #DerekChauvin was sentenced,” he said. “Unfortunately, what he received today fell short of what true justice would look like for Mr. Floyd and his family. Full Accountability is key to creating an unbiased justice system…DISAPPOINTED!”

Outspoken NFL Hall of Famer and Savannah State University alum Shannon Sharpe shared his thoughts not on Derek Chauvin’s sentencing, but on the controversial comments of Chauvin’s mother. Named Carolyn Pawlenty, his mother upset many with her insensitive remarks about the fact that she would have much less access to her son as an inmate, while so many others pointed out that George Floyd is dead.

“I bet that’s exactly what George family was thinking when he died and she can do all the things that George Floyd’s family will NEVER be able to do.”

Daughter in a long line. Attorney, adjunct professor. Minneapolis, MN. Howard University 2010, HU School of Law 2013.

Finally, a double Howard University graduate named Angi who serves not only as an attorney but an adjunct professor as well, shared an important perspective on reflection.

“…The problem is white supremacy and the violence it has been hurling at African people for 500 years. Unfortunately, one sentencing won’t remedy that. This sentencing doesn’t even remedy the death of George Floyd. It can’t repair a life lost.

But I think, however you feel right now, it’s real and important. Take a moment. Then let’s continue to work and build. We still have a lot to do to ensure our people can live with dignity and respect, free from knees on our necks.”

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