With many effective HBCUs churning out top Black talent, yet suffering from staggeringly poor funding, a new app has been created solve the problem. The innovative “HBCU Change” app is a fresh and unique way for HBCU alumni, students, and allies to donate passively. The app is not only solving the financial problems that many HBCUs are experiencing, but finding extra ways for them to thrive as well.

It has long been known that HBCUs are underfunded, drastically more than PWI counterparts. HBCUs are often either skipped or shorted when it comes to federal funding. Celebrities and philanthropists like Travis Scott and MacKenzie Scott have stepped up to fill in the gaps, giving millions for scholarships and programs. Yet when it comes to those closer to these colleges and universities, there is a disconnect.  

The app conveniently works by allowing you to passively donate your spare change to HBCUs! So for example, if you swiped your credit card for a purchase totaling $85.12, HBCU Change would round that purchase to $86.00. That $0.88 cent difference would then go to the HBCU of your choice. In fact, HBCU Change has made its mission to raise $1 billion for HBCUs over the next 5 years! And with industry-standard encryption and the app never storing your banking credentials, it’s definitely a secure way to serve our HBCUs.

In addition to general fundraising, this app offers additional valuable benefits. For donors, it easily provides a way to track donations, which is helpful for tax purposes. It will also help with research purposes. On a larger scale schools can see which classes are donating more. Many HBCUs don’t have good data on the whereabouts for their alumni, which will help with targeting for future fundraising.

To learn more about HBCU Change, click here today!