A freshman at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama made his mark on the recent HBCU All-Star baseball game. Also from Alabama, player Kelvin Reese had left the game with impressive stats, leading many to speculate just how well he can perform at his remaining career at Stillman! Read more about Reese and the eye-catching game from Ryan Phillips at Patch below.

Credit: Stillman College Athletics

Stillman College’s Kelvin Reese, a freshman from Montgomery, had a noteworthy performance in the inaugural HBCU All-Star Game Tuesday at Hoover Met Stadium. 

Starting in center field, Reese logged a two-RBI double down the left field line in the bottom of the second inning to give his team the lead on its way to a 3-1 victory. 

“It felt so surreal to be out here and to be able to perform to the best of my abilities and go out and get in it,” Reese said. “It’s been amazing. Being out here with these guys, being able to be on the field, it’s a blessing. To God the glory. Thank God for everything. Without Him, I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

The two teams for the game were sponsored by former Tampa Bay Rays Rickie Weeks and Desmond Jennings, a Birmingham native, with Reese playing on Jennings’ squad. The goal of the game was to showcase athletes from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), who organizers have said are often overlooked by professional scouts. 

Stillman head coach Terrance Whittle attended the all-star showcase Tuesday and said Reese was deserving of the opportunity to be featured among the best in his class.

“I wasn’t surprised at all by his performance. I knew he was going to come out here and play hard and be a team guy, which is what he is,” Whittle said. “I’m so excited for him and Stillman College.” 

During the 2021 campaign for the Tigers (3-25) Reese hit .278, with 20 hits in 26 games. He also notched eight doubles and 11 RBI during his freshman season.