ESports is a booming industry, and Benedict College is making sure that its students will have the tools to make waves in the field. Learn more about this great news from today’s release from Benedict below.

Source: The Hype Magazine

Students at Benedict College can earn a bachelor’s degree in Esports Administration this fall. The new major consists of required core classes in Esports and Sports Management. Esports will be a part of the Health and Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Department in the School of Education, Health, and Human Services.

“Benedict College has been carefully monitoring this growing industry, and our industry forecast was a key motivator in establishing the program,” said Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis. “We believe our students will become leaders and decision-makers in the emerging ecosystem of Esports. They will master a combination of skills related to planning, organizing, managing, budgeting, and marketing. They will not only be the BEST in gaming but the BEST in game design and management.” 

Many students may have initially gained interest in Esports through recreational gaming activities that have risen in popularity in the past few years. “In keeping with Benedict’s strategic plan to offer transformational learning experiences, our innovative Esports Administration curriculum is designed to prepare students to create new applications and to engage in all facets of the industry,” noted Dr. Janeen Witty. “The embedded experiential and co-curricular initiatives combined with the academic rigor of the courses will provide a strong network of learning opportunities for talented scholars who are interested in this fast-growing field.” 

Paula Shelby, an Esports Commissioner, and the Chairperson of the HPER Department, launched the Esports Club a year ago. The club quickly gained popularity while hosting and winning several tournaments. “Our Esports major seeks to prepare students to work in the Esports professional, collegiate, public, and private schools’ arenas, as well as recreational centers”  stated Dr. Shelby. “Our Esports program of study also provides our students with a solid foundation for continued graduate studies in the sporting discipline.”

The HPER Department has developed an academic program that introduces the gaming culture to the Benedict community by focusing on Esports through gaming techniques, development, and content creation. Students will also learn management skills for facilities, fiscal, team, and personnel. 

The College has partnered with Blaze Fire Games and for certifications. Blaze has over 250 Esports Micro-Credentialing certificates that the students can attain. In addition, several credentialing opportunities were embedded into each one of the Esports and Sport Management Classes.