Nursing students at Grambling State University are receiving the state of the art tools they need to be up-to-speed in the industry thanks to their university! In addition to cutting-edge equipment, the students will also be receiving extended learning with a new curriculum. Get the full story from Jenn Hensley at below!

Credit:  Grambling State University

Grambling State University’s School of Nursing says they are working to grow their program.

According to the school, the Nursing program has been revamped to provide a cutting-edge education. The school says this program will continue to be a year-round program to provide simulation labs with state-of-the-art equipment.

The associate dean of GSU’s School of Nursing, Meg Brown, PhD., says “When we set up the curriculum, it was important to do a 12-month curriculum,” she said. “I worked in a program before where students were out during the summer. When they returned in the fall, it was like they had never been in nursing school. You would spend 7 to 8 weeks reviewing.”

The school says this 12-month curriculum results creating a culture of learning continuity; which, according to the school, will better prepare the students to successfully obtain their licenses.

Brown went on to explain, “It keeps the students engaged. It keeps them using that content and they’re not losing what they’ve gained during the year.”

Brown says this 12-month program was helpful during the Coronavirus Pandemic because many hospitals were not accepting nursing students for onsite learning with real patients. 

“We had to finish up virtually, using the simulation lab and skills lab,” says Brown. “Our students were then able to go straight back to clinicals in June 2020, when most nursing students were out for the summer.”

Brown says Grambling students have gained both practical experience and critical thinking skills, which each student must posses to be a successful nurse.

For more information about the new tools available to students and the program, click here.